Cuban Restaurant NJ La Isla Restaurant New Jersey

Catering Menu

La Isla features

traditional Cuban and

Nuevo Latino cuisine

Per Dozen   

Mini Empanadas   22.00

a crescent-shaped pastry turnover filled with chicken or beef
(min. doz. of each kind)

Mini Croquettes   22.00

homemade filling of ground ham, breaded and fried

Mini Papa Rellena   22.00

mashed potato stuffed with ground meat, cooked crispy outside and soft inside

Mini Cuban Sandwiches   28.00

roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickle topped with garlic mojo on cuban bread

Full tray (F) serves approx 20 people   
Half tray (H) serves approx 10 people   

Yuca 30.00(H) 45.00(F)   

fried or boiled cassava

Maduros 30.00(H) 45.00(F)   

fried yellow plantains

White Rice 20.00(H) 25.00(F)   

Yellow Rice   30.00(H) 45.00(F)

with pigeon peas

Moro 30.00(H) 45.00(F)   

mixed black beans and rice (made with pork)

Field Greens Salad
(serves approx 8-10 people)   30.00

- with avocado 35.00

Black Beans   per quart 7.00


Red Beans   per quart 7.00

Please give us 48 hour notice   

Full tray (F) serves approx 20 people   
Half tray (H) serves approx 10 people   

Ropa Vieja   80.00(H) 120.00(F)

shredded flank steak

Beef Stew   80.00(H) 120.00(F)

braised beef and potato stew

Chicken Fricassee    65.00(H) 110.00(F)

braised chicken and potato stew

Arroz con Pollo   65.00(H) 110.00(F)

chicken and yellow rice casserole

Masitas de Cerdo   75.00(H) 110.00(F)

fried fresh pork morsels

Chicken in Garlic   75.00(H) 110.00(F)

Roasted Chicken   75.00(H) 110.00(F)

Roasted Pork   75.00(H) 110.00(F)

Flan (serves approx 8-10 people)    35.00

traditional cuban crème caramel
with coconut topping    42.00

Guava & Cheese Empanadas 42.00   
(per dozen)

a crescent-shaped pastry turnover filled with guava and cheese

Bread Pudding
(serves approx 8-10 people)   30.00

made with rum and raisins

Coconut Mango Cheesecake 42.00   
(serves approx 12-14 ppl)

with mango sauce

Guava Cheesecake 42.00   
(serves approx 12-14 peopl

with guava sauce

Please note delivery charge   

$2.00 delivery charge, 10% on orders over $100