Cuban Restaurant NJ La Isla Restaurant New Jersey

Papa Rellena   4.50

mashed potato stuffed with ground beef, breaded and fried -with salsa ranchera add 1.00

Ceviche de Camarones   10.00

lime, cilantro, onion and marinated shrimp served with plantain chips
Cazuelita de Camarones y Chorizo al Ajillo   9.00
sautéed shrimp and Spanish chorizo in garlic, extra virgin olive oil and smoked paprika
Black Bean Hummus   7.00
pureed black beans, sesame tahini, lime juice and olive oil, served with plantain chips

Empanada de Pollo o Carne   ea. 4.50

pastry turnover filled with chicken or ground beef

Croqueta de Jamon   3.00 ea

ground smoked ham and onion mixture, breaded and fried
Vegetable Empanada   5.50 ea
baked turnover filled with spinach, crimini mushrooms and manchego cheese, served over black beans

Tostones con Mojo   5.00

twice fried green plantains with garlic sauce

Available with Any Salads Listed   

chicken 4.00 / shrimp 6.00 /skirt steak 8.00

Ensalada de Casa   7.00

mixed greens, grape tomato, house balsamic vinaigrette

Ensalada de Espinaca y Remolacha   10.00

California spinach tossed with fresh mango, avocado, blue cheese, orange segments, red onion, toasted macadamia nuts, roasted beets and our house champagne vinaigrette

Ensalada de Berro y Calabaza   9.00

watercress, pumpkin, red onion, crumbled queso fresco, toasted pumpkin seeds, virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice

Ensalada Mixta   4.50

iceberg and romaine with grape tomato, cucumber, radish, carrots and kalamata olive

La Isla Salad   8.00

vine ripened tomato, red onion, avocado and virgin olive oil

El Cubano   8.50

roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickle topped with garlic mojo on pressed cuban bread

Pan con Bistec   9.50

seared thin steak with lettuce, tomato, onions and crispy potato sticks on pressed cuban bread

Pan con Lechon   9.50

roast pork with garlic mojo on pressed cuban bread

Croqueta Preparada   8.50

smoked ham croquette topped with swiss cheese, ham, pickle and garlic mojo on pressed cuban bread

Choripan   9.00

grilled chorizo with caramelized onions, crispy potato sticks

Media Noche   8.00

roasted pork, ham and swiss cheese with pickle and garlic mojo on pressed sweet cuban bread

Havana Club   9.00

triple decker, grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado and red onion on toasted multi grain bread with mayo

Fritas   8.50

three ground chorizo and beef sliders topped with grilled onions and crispy potato sticks fries

Jamon y Queso   7.00

ham, swiss cheese, pickle and garlic mojo on pressed cuban bread

Chicken Breast Sandwich   8.50

grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and crispy potato sticks on pressed cuban bread

Sopa de Pollo   med 4.00 / lg 5.50

homemade chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, celery, corn and cut spaghetti

Potage del Dia   med 5.50 / lg 7.50

soup of the day